November 1, 2013
Mark Saltzman, Goizueta Foundation Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, & Physiology, has been selected to receive the...
July 1, 2013
Scientists have developed a new approach for treating a deadly brain cancer that strikes 15,000 in the United States annually and for which there is no effective long-term...
October 11, 2012
Many sexually transmitted diseases spread by bacteria, like syphilis and chlamydia, can be controlled and cured with antibiotics. By comparison, cheap and effective...
February 17, 2012
Yale Engineering’s Jung Han, Mark Saltzman, Vincent Wilczynski, and Sharon Cui have been elected to membership in the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering....
August 13, 2010
W. Mark Saltzman, Goizueta Foundation Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Chemical & Environmental Engineering, has been elected as a Fellow of the Biomedical...

Research Interests

Drug Delivery
Gene Therapy
Tissue Engineering


Department of Biomedical Engineering  |  Yale University
Malone Engineering Center (map)
55 Prospect St.  |  New Haven, CT 06511

Vascular Biology & Therapeutics Program | Yale School of Medicine
Amistad Research Building (map)
10 Amistad St.  |  New Haven, CT 06520

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about open positions in our lab, please e-mail Mark Saltzman.