Saltzman Symposium and Celebration

September 9, 2019

Collaborative Research in Drug Delivery




A Research Symposium on the Occasion of Mark Saltzman’s 60th Birthday 


September 21, 2019

TAC Auditorium

Yale Medical School

300 Cedar Street

New Haven, CT 06510

“Scientific Collaborations”

9:00 am – 12:20 pm

Session Chairs: Wenbin Dang, Dan Luo

9:00-9:20 am

Ranjit Bindra

Associate Professor, Yale University

Nanoparticle-encapsulated DNA Repair Inhibitors for Adult and Pediatric Brain Tumors

9:20-9:40 am

Richard E. Carson

Professor, Yale University

PET Imaging of Drug Delivery

9:40-10:00 am

Joseph Piepmeier

Nixdorff-German Professor, Yale University

A neurosurgeon’s reflection on Dr. Saltzman’s contributions to science and education

10:00-10:20 am

Peter Glazer

Robert E. Hunter Professor, Yale University

Gene Editing by PNA Nanoparticles

10:20-10:40 am

Marie Egan

Professor, Yale University

Nanoparticles and cystic fibrosis

10:40-11:00 am

Coffee Break

11:00-11:20 am

Themis Kyriakides

Associate Professor, Yale University

Drug and gene delivery in the foreign body response

11:20-11:40 am

Jordan Pober

Bayer Professor, Yale University

Microparticles, Nanoparticles and Endothelium

11:40-12:10 pm

Robert Langer

(Keynote speaker)

Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mark Saltzman: His early days at MIT and its influence on drug delivery and tissue engineering

12:10-12:20 pm

W. Mark Saltzman

Goizueta Foundation Professor, Yale University


(Box lunch provided)


TAC Lounge

“Research Collaboration as a Mentor and Role Model”

1:30-5:30 pm

Session Chairs: Mike Radomsky, Jiangbing Zhou, Claire Albert


1:30-1:45 pm

Mike Radomsky

President, CMC Pharma, Inc.

Reflections on Polymeric Drug Delivery and the Impact on Current Programs

1:45-2:00 pm

Peter Fong

Senior Principal at Flagship Pioneering

Flagship Pioneering and Life Science Company Creation

2:00-2:15 pm

Alison Fleming

Chief Technology Officer, Collegium Pharmaceutical

Development of an Abuse Deterrent Pain Medication

2:15-2:30 pm

Coffee Break


2:30-2:45 pm

Nicole McNeer

Clinical Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Solving Macromolecular Drug Delivery with Rational Engineering and Forward Proteomics

2:45-3:00 pm

Adele Ricciardi

MD/PhD Student, Yale University

Nanoparticle delivery for in utero gene editing

3:00-3:15 pm

Elias Quijano

MD/PhD Student, Yale University

Nanoparticle mediated correction of sickle cell disease

3:15-3:30 pm

Laura Bracaglia

Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University

Optimizing Targeted-NP Strategy for Ex Vivo Delivery to the Endothelium

3:30-3:45 pm

Coffee Break

3:45-4:00 pm

Dan Luo

Professor, Cornell University

DNA-based Materials

4:00-4:15 pm

Kim Woodrow

Associate Professor, University of Washington

Nanotechnologies for HIV

4:15-4:30 pm

Jiangbing Zhou

Associate Professor, Yale University

Nanotechnology approaches for drug delivery to the brain

4:30-4:45 pm

Steven Jay

Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Tackling challenges of extracellular vesicle-based therapeutic development

4:45-5:00 pm

Gregory Tietjen

Assistant Professor, Yale University

Ex vivo perfusion of human organs: A platform for tackling the challenge of translation

5:00-5:15 pm

Raman Bahal

Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Nanotechnology delivered chemically modified nucleic acid analogs for gene therapy

About Prof. W. Mark Saltzman

W. Mark Saltzman

Goizueta Foundation Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Yale University

W. Mark Saltzman is an engineer and educator. His research has impacted the fields of drug delivery, biomaterials, nanobiotechnology, and tissue engineering. This work is described in more than 300 research papers and patents. He is also the sole author of three textbooks: Biomedical Engineering (2nd Edition, 2015), Tissue Engineering (2004), and Drug Delivery (2001).

The grandson of farmers from southern Iowa, Mark Saltzman graduated with distinction from Iowa State University with a B.S. in chemical engineering (1981), earning admission to graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received an S.M. in chemical engineering (1984) and a Ph.D. in medical engineering (1987). He was appointed assistant professor of chemical engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 1987 and promoted through the ranks, becoming a tenured full professor in 1995. In 1996, he joined the faculty of chemical engineering at Cornell University, where he was named the first BP Amoco/H. Laurance Fuller Chair in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Saltzman moved to Yale University as the Goizueta Foundation Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering in July of 2002, and served as the founding chair of Yale’s Department of Biomedical Engineering from 2003 to 2015. In 2016 Dr. Saltzman was appointed Head of Jonathan Edwards College, one of 14 residential colleges at Yale.

Dr. Saltzman has been recognized widely for his excellence in research and teaching. He has received the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Teacher-Scholar Award (1990); the Allan C. Davis Medal as Maryland’s Outstanding Young Engineer (1995); the Controlled Release Society’s Young Investigator Award (1996) and Founders Award (2017); the Professional Progress in Engineering (2000) and Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering (2013) Awards from Iowa State University. He has been honored by election as a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (1997); a Fellow of the Biomedical Engineering Society (2010); a Member of the Connecticut Academy of Science & Engineering (2012); a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (2013); and an elected member of the US National Academy of Medicine (2014) and the US National Academy of Engineering (2018). He has delivered over 300 invited lectures throughout the world.

Prof. W. Mark Saltzman’s Academic Career At Different Institutes

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At the Johns Hopkins University

At the Johns Hopkins University

At the Johns Hopkins University

At the Johns Hopkins University

At the Johns Hopkins University

At the Johns Hopkins University

At Cornell University

At Cornell University

At Cornell University

Keynote speaker: Prof. Robert Langer

Dr. Robert Langer headshot

Dr. Robert Langer is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); there are 10 Institute Professors at MIT, and being an Institute Professor is the highest honor that can be awarded to a faculty member. He has written over 1,450 articles, which have been cited over 294,000 times; his h-index of 268 is the highest of any engineer in history. He has more than 1,350 issued and pending patents worldwide. His patents have licensed or sublicensed to over 400 companies. He served as Chairman of the FDA’s Science Board (its highest advisory board) from 1999-2002. His over 220 awards include both the United States National Medal of Science and the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the Charles Stark Draper Prize (considered the engineering Nobel Prize), Albany Medical Center Prize, the Wolf Prize for Chemistry, the Millennium Technology Prize, the Priestley Medal (highest award of the American Chemical Society), the Gairdner Prize and the Lemelson-MIT prize, for being “one of history’s most prolific inventors in medicine.” He holds 34 honorary doctorates, including honorary degrees from Harvard and Yale. Langer is one of the very few individuals ever elected to the National Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Inventors.

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