Congratulations Julian!

August 24, 2023
Julian Grundler successfully defended his thesis, securing his PhD in Chemistry at Yale.  Julian’s thesis is “ Modifying the Surface Topography of PEGylated Nanoparticles Based on Bottlebrush Block Copolymer for Drug Delivery Applications.”  The thesis defense was hybrid, with equal numbers of people attending in person and on line.  Congratulations Julian!

Research Interests

Drug Delivery
Gene Therapy
Tissue Engineering


Department of Biomedical Engineering  |  Yale University
Malone Engineering Center (map)
55 Prospect St.  |  New Haven, CT 06511

Vascular Biology & Therapeutics Program | Yale School of Medicine
Amistad Research Building (map)
10 Amistad St.  |  New Haven, CT 06520

For Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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